Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinterest bath time fun

I, like many MANY others, am obsessed with Pinterest! I don't plan on doing a weekly challenge, as I have a few friends blogging about that so I don't want to copy them or try to " steal their thunder". Plus, I have enough challenges going on right now, but I will blog about the ones I find super fun and super easy! There I tried a couple in one last night for my sons bath time. We did coloured water and glow sticks. I had previously purchased water dye tablets for kids, and already had glow sticks from previous celebrations, so I decided why not combine them and have a super fun bath. We had blue water and I added 7 glow sticks. He was so excited and really loved it when I turned off the lights! It was a really fun and really cheap thing to do for him, and something we will do more often!

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