Thursday, May 26, 2011


I don't like teething. I don't think any parent likes teething, and trying to find what works for your child is difficult. Everyone tells you what worked for them, but no baby is the same. We have tried many things and for now, this is what I feel about the products we have tried so far.

Camilia - It has not worked for us at all. I have tried it, and I keep trying it because so many people say it's wonderful, but so far, no luck.

Tempra - LOVE IT! Not only does it help with the fevers Alexander gets while teething, it helps with the pain, and he likes the taste(it doesn't hurt that it helps him sleep too!). We did not like the cherry flavour, but now that we have the Banana, with no dye, he loves it, and it doesn't stain his clothes.

Baby Oragel - LOVE IT! Now there is contraversy on this one. Some people say that it shouldn't be used because they can swallow it, and therefore numb the baby's throat. I caved and tried it, and he hates it, but I like it. We were given it as kids and we are fine, and now it comes in a pump that automatically gives you the right amount. It works instantly and once he gets over the yucky taste, he is SO much happier.

Teething Necklace - LOVE IT! A few months ago when Alexander started drooling like a mad man, I decided to try a teething necklace. I bought it at Belly Laughs in Kanata, it is safe(as safe as it can be for a baby necklace), not long enough for him to chew on it, and there is a knot between every bead of Amber. I find it has worked so far. He still drools, but it is no where near as much as he used to.