Saturday, August 16, 2014

Engagement Cake - Marsh mellow fondant

I have been dying for a reason to make another fondant cake, so when a friend asked me if I would be willing to make a cake for a mutual friends engagement, I jumped at the chance!  She gave me free creative control of what it would look like, taking into account their wedding colours, and this is what I came up with.  It is based on a design that I saw on Pinterest, that I cannot for the life of me find now, so as much as I would love to add the link to that persons cake as well, I can't, so I apologize.  It is a 2 tier, 2 layer/tier, chocolate and vanilla cake, covered with home made marsh mellow fondant.

Making the fondant is easy, but this time I decided to try to make in it my mixer instead of kneading it, cause it really is tiring. It worked amazingly!  Just make sure you grease EVERYTHING up with crisco, otherwise it will stick like glue.  Once taken out of the mixer, you add the colour that you want, and kneed it until fully mixed. 

I started by covering the base plate, so that it was a little prettier that the basic silver plates you get at the store, and used a couple of different heart shaped cookie cutters to embellish it. Then I started on the cake.  I learned a valuable lesson with this cake, make a batch of fondant PER TIER! Do not try to make one batch cover the entire cake.  I tried it and the stress just about killed me.  The fondant was way too thin on the top layer, which is why you can see a few bumps. Had it not been for my AMAZING husband, I would have ended up in tears...he fixed my mess as well as he could.  He also is the one who cut out the silhouettes, so I could never do this without him!  I covered the top layer with blue hearts, and cut out the letters for the base plate, and VOILA!  Not as easy peasy as I thought it would be, but now I know!!

The Happy couple! xoxoxo

Marsh mellow Fondant Birthday Cake for my mom

I dislike traditional fondant, it tastes yucky, but it looks gorgeous and polished, so I went looking for something other than traditional fondant to try, and found out about marsh mellow fondant.  All that is in it is marsh mellows, icing sugar, water, and vanilla.  IT IS DELICIOUS! And SO easy to make(although your arm may hurt at the end of kneeding it)!  This cake was the first fondant cake I tried, so it was small and basic, but it turned out fabulously, and everyone loved it! I seriously recommend trying it if you are interested in making your own fondant!

Frozen Theme Cupcakes

I made these Frozen themed cupcakes for a friends daughter.  She asked last minute, so they are slightly plain, but she told her daughter that Olaf stopped by my house to personally add the snowflakes on the cupcakes just for her.  They are made with French Vanilla Betty Crocker mix, swirled with some blue to add a little fun.  Then blue swirled butter cream icing, topped with snowflakes, white pearls, and ice dust.  They were a hit!

Tie Dye Lady bug cake

This cake I made for a friends little girl who specifically asked for a tie dye cake by me, so how could I say no?!  It's a 2 layer tie dye Ladybug cake made using the Wilton cake pan that you can rent at any Bulk Barn.  I will admit, i don't make my own cake mixes, I use the Betty Crocker ones as I find the are moist and light.  

I started by mixing the different colours of batter in bowls, and poured them into the pan individually. These pans take a full cake mix per pan, so I did this process twice, as I only had one cake pan. Once baked, I stacked them one on top of the other and started decorating!

I am not a professional, and there is always something that I wish could be better on every cake I do....but I am trying to get past it!