Friday, January 4, 2013

Money Savings Challenge

I want to take the summer off and spend as much quality with Xander as I can, since another child is not in the cards. I want him to know that everything we do, we do for him. I want to take as much advantage of him WANTING to spend time with me as I can, since I know, in the not too distant future, I am going to be embarrassing, mean, uncool, and I will cramp his style. In order to accomplish having the summer off we need to save as much money as we can, so I have decided on 2 different money savings strategies.

1. Weekly Saving Challenge - I saw this idea on Facebook this week and thought it could be doable. It was from a blog called Healthy Habit Girl. The gist of it is, every week you save money in $1.00 increasing amounts. Week 1 $1, week 2 $2, and so on and so forth. Seems pretty easy and straight forward. I have kind of already cheated and started with $10 that has been in a jar for a while, never increasing or decreasing. I have written the amounts every week in a calendar that I look at daily so as not to forget. So fingers crossed once we get to the larger amounts it will not be too hard.

2. Money from clothing and toy sales - Since there won't be a number 2 I have started going through all the clothes that no longer fit Xander and have either dropped them off to the local consignment store, or posted them online for sale. I am finding myself very attached to some of the outfits, and I have kept some for a quilt I plan on eventually make with my most favourite ones. Anything that doesn't sell I will donate. It's a hard dream to let go of, but going through the things is making a little easier.

Hopefully I will be able to make enough off the clothes and toys that we won't have to dip into the bank account to pay for activities and outings this summer!

So far we are on point with both, but it is of course only week 1! Keep your fingers crossed!!

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