Tuesday, May 1, 2012

100 cupcakes!

So as you all are already aware, I am obsessed with cupcakes, and Mike thinks that we should start up a business.  He was checking out my blog at work one day after I made a post, and his works office manager happened to walk by and saw the pictures, and she and Mike set it up for me to make 100 cupcakes this month for their monthly staff birthdays. I was really nervous because I wanted to e able to pull it off and have them look and taste like professional cupcakes. 

This past Wednesday I started by baking.  She wanted at least 3 flavors, so the staff had some choice.  I decided to make 5, Chocolate Fudge, Devils food cake, French Vanilla, Lemon, and Cherry Chip.  By the end of the night I had 110 cupcakes baked, and 3 batches of icing ready. 

Thursday night was decorating night.  I wasn’t sure how exactly I wanted to decorate the cupcakes, but I did know that I wanted to make them all look different.  I decided to start with the chocolate ones, seeing as I was just going to do a basic chocolate buttercream icing with sprinkles.  I decorated the 2 types slightly different so that they would be easy to see they were in fact different.  Once those were some I did the Cherry Chip.  I decided on tinting the buttercream pink and do a simple round swirl with some clear red sprinkles. 

The Lemon was next with a light yellow star swirl with white sprinkles.  The plain French Vanilla ended up with plain white icing with multi colored sprinkles, and last but not least my signature fun multi colored French vanilla cupcakes. 
 I was not as happy with the way the decorating turned out on them.  I found they looked like they didn’t fit in with the clean and simple theme I did with the other flavors.  

All in all though I am very happy with the way they turned out and I hope that they were just as happy, and hopefully this will turn into a monthly venture for us.  Finger crossed!