Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Birch Stump Santa's

My mom is ridiculously creative, although she claims that she is not, and that what she can do is following directions on a pattern.   She makes us all Christmas ornaments every year and they are always beautiful.  A few years ago one of the Christmas decorations she made was Santa’s made from birch tree stumps.  I cannot remember where she got the idea, but I love them.  While I was on maternity I had asked my father for some birch stumps as I had every intention of making them as gifts for friends. 2 years later, now that I am on a Christmas craft kick, I have finally started making them.  They are actually really easy, if you have access to the birch stumps, however with the multiple coats and snow paint, they are pretty time consuming.  All it takes is paint(red, black, white, pink), and snow paint, all of which you can purchase at your local craft store.  I like Michael’s and either bring my husband, or go multiple times to make use of their coupons.  Below are the steps to make them!

Supplies required
Paint a few layers of white
Add a few layers of red for his hat and mix the white and red to create a light pink for the face
Add snow paint for beard, hair/hat edge, and hat tip
Paint faces and let dry!
They are a fabulous addition to the Christmas season decor!