Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Citronella candles

I love making things with mason jars, infact I seem to be searching all the time for things to make with them.  My latest crafting experiment was to make citronella candles! The bugs where I am are terrible, so I wanted to make some for the backyard so we can spend more time outside at night. It took me awhile to find everything I needed since it was not yet "canning season" to get all the supplies.  I found the citronella oil at the local natural food store, I already had the mason jars, and a friend gave me some wax.  
To colour the mason jars I mixed modge podge and some Wilton food colouring, since it seems to be the best and most concentrated food colouring.  I then painted the mixture onto each mason jar, as many coats as I felt necessary until I got the desired colours. I then cured them in the oven at 200 degrees for 1 hour.(I think my next batch will be at 325 for at least an hour if not more as a friend left hers outside and it crackled a little.) I then left them for a week to get them as cured as possible. I heated 1 pound of wax per 2 candles, and added 1/2 an ounce of citronella oil. Once it wax fully mixed and melted I filled the mason jars 1/2 way, and placed a ready made wick in the middle of the mason jar.  I let them cool for 72 hours and we were able to use them one evening when we had a "campfire" at the neighbours. I love them and I am looking forward to making more! They smell delicious and they work wonderfully! We were not swatting at any bugs for the whole time we were outside!!