Monday, April 8, 2013

Cake: skull and crossbones purse

It was my neighbours 18th birthday yesterday and I was very excited to make a cake for her. She's a girly girl with a twist...she loves just about anything with skulls. Last year I made her Jack Skeleton cupcakes that turned out super awesome, and I was afraid that it would be hard to top. I made her mom come with me to bulk barn to pick a cake pan. She decided on the purse cake, but we had to modify it since a pink cake with a flower is really not her style. Her mom though a deep purple with some type of skull on it would knock her socks off, and really I had creative control. So this is what I came up with! Special thanks goes to my hubby for his artistic talent at drawing the skull. I can paint by numbers and follow a pattern, but that was a little outside my expertise! We make a fabulous team!

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